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About us

About Us

Our Mission

To support organisations facing ambitious and inspiring projects within our expertise to achieve greatness, while transferring our best practices to the workplace.

Our Vision

To revolutionise consultancy services by broadening the covered field of expertise and leveraging our network of associates to provide agile and scalable solutions.

Our Values

Maximum level of professionalism, confidentiality, loyalty and dedication to tailoring our solutions to the specific, unique needs of each customer.

We’re A Computer Vision & AI consultancy. We also do architectural design.

CVRLab was founded in 2016 as a Computer Vision and AI consultancy company. As of 2023, we’ve added architecture to our skills and services.

Computer Vision

Our main area of expertise and the source of most our projects until now. With a deep knowledge of classic computer vision methods and tools, we can work with you on realising your concept from the grounds up, going from concept and prototpying to production ready code.

Artificial Intelligence

With an academic background covering all aspects of Machine Learning and our hands-on experience with applications of Deep Learning in Automotive and Augmented Reality applications, we can propose and implement cutting-edge solutions for your custom needs.

Educational Services

Our passion is educating aspiring engineers in all our areas of expertise. This may be through formal training sessions that can be tailor-made for your company’s needs, or even through our daily interaction and collaboration with internal members of staff. Contact us for more info.

Architectural Design

Our most recent service to date. We are providing architectural design and drafting services to the most talented and creative architectural firms in the West of Ireland, always striving for creating space for stories of everyday life – in an honest, functional and poetic way.

For cutting-edge R&D projects or inspired Architectural Designs

Are you a company working on complex and demanding R&D projects involving Computer Vision, AI, or Machine Learning? Are you an architectural firm working on inspiring and fresh projects? Do you need experienced professionals to assist? We’re here for you.

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Our Team

George Siogkas

George Siogkas


An innovative computer vision and AI algorithm engineer with over 15 years of combined academic and industry experience in the forefront of cutting edge research.

Maro Makri

Maro Makri


A creative architect with a perfectionistic eye for detail, with over 15 years of professional experience, both as a freelancer and as an architectural firm associate.

Our Awards

Best Research & Development Consultancy Provider 2021 - County Galway

Best Research & Development Consultancy Provider 2021 - County Galway

Apr 13, 2021

Technology Innovator Awards 2021

Best Computer Vision Learning Company 2021

Best Computer Vision Learning Company 2021

May 11, 2021

Irish Enterprise Awards 2021

Best Automotive Machine Learning R&D Consultancy 2023 - Western Europe

Best Automotive Machine Learning R&D Consultancy 2023 - Western Europe

Dec 26, 2018

Technology Innovator Awards 2023

Contact Us

Contact Details

77 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, Dublin D02 XE80
Phone: +353 83 195 8599
Email: info@cvrlab.com