Dr. Reproducible Research, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love Python

Part 1 Disclaimer For those unfamiliar with my work, this is yet another LinkedIn contribution where I will be praising the merits of Python for academic research and rapid prototyping. The idea of writing a piece on how easy (or hard) it is to reproduce a published paper on Computer Vision using Python has been in my head for a while, but my interest sparked when I read a paper that cited my main PhD contribution on road detection, using it as a baseline algorithm. [Read More]

Is the STEM scientific paper obsolete?

Yesterday I stumbled upon a very interesting article with the provocative -yet misleading- title: “The scientific paper is obsolete”. The writer, James Somers, makes excellent points on the current form of scientific writing and presents more modern alternatives like Mathematica and Jupyter (former Ipython) notebooks. I mostly agree with its content, but felt the need to elaborate on some of its main aspects. Below, are some of my (biased) thoughts on the theme of the article. [Read More]